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BPS Battery storage is a complete battery module with a nominal voltage of 51.2 V,  with integrated protection, disconnection and BMS for low-voltage systems. It contains only high-quality grade A ELERIX cells based on LiFePO4 chemistry, which are non-flammable, non-explosive and contain no heavy or toxic metals.

BPS Battery storage is available in capacities from 5 kWh to 21.1 kWh and offers customers a complete solution in a modular, industrial quality for indoor placement. All components except the cells (i.e. contactors, relays, BMS, protection circuits, etc.) are made in the EU and USA.

Each storage is designed for 16-32 pieces of EX-L110 LiFePO4 cells (3.2V; 110Ah, 10 kWh variant) or 16 pieces of ELERIX EX-L280 LiFePO4 cells (3.2V; 280Ah, 14 kWh variant) - both versions with an operating voltage of 51.2 V. Both battery cells used are manufactured according to EN IEC 62619 and have been tested in accordance with this standard (tested by TÜV Rheinland).

Technical parameters

Main parameters BPS Battery storage 10 BPS Battery storage 13 BPS Battery storage 15
Nominal voltage 48 48 48
Rated capacity Wh 10560 13440 15840
Capacity Ah +/-5% 220 280 330
Dimensions (mm) 800x300x800 800x300x800 800x300x800
Weight 140kg 160kg 180kg
Operating voltage 44,8V to 58.4V 44,8V to 58.4V 44,8V to 58.4V
Deep discharge 42.4V 42.4V 42.4V
Charging/Discharging current 220A / 440A 280A / 560A 330A / 660A
Communication interface CAN CAN CAN
Max. Number of batteries 16 16 16
Operating temperature °C -20°C to 45°C -20°C to 45°C -20°C to 45°C
Humidity 5% to 85% 5% to 85% 5% to 85%
Battery Cell Guarantee 15 years 15 years 15 years
Number of cycles 60% DOD 10000 10000 10000
Certification UN38.3 UN38.3 UN38.3


  • The whole set is non-toxic, non-polluting and environmentally friendly.
  • The battery storage is configured specifically for the client.
  • The cathode material is made of LiFePO4, which is safe and long lasting.
  • The battery management system (BMS-REC) includes protection functions against overcharging, undercharging, overloading and against too high or low temperatures, the system can be configured with an R-485 cable.
  • The system can automatically control the charging-discharging condition and balance the currents and voltages on each cell.
  • The module has low self-discharge and will retain energy for up to 6 months without recharging; it has no memory effect and has excellent performance in shallow charging and discharging.



  • European solutions, in addition to the article itself.
  • The individual cells are interchangeable.
  • BMS can be replaced/repaired.
  • Standardized components, widely available spare parts, full repairable solutions.
  • Low voltage solutions are safer, easy to disassemble, therefore truly recyclable.
  • No data spillover to other countries, full control.
  • The customer receives technical documentation
    for servicing, has control over the equipment.


  • 95% of complete battery storage systems are from Asia, mainly China – individual cells cannot be replaced.
  • BMS cannot be replaced/repaired.
  • No standardised components, spare parts cannot be found.
  • Mostly high voltage, so they very difficult to disassemble as a matter of principle.
  • In combination with black-box inverters Risk of data flow to Asian countries.
  • Customer has no technical documentation for servicing.
10 and 14kWh


We are an assembly partner for other Czech suppliers of battery storage systems such as AMVOLT.

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