Batteries for forklifts

We have developed products for our partners CAT forklifts and Hangcha that can replace the existing traction lead-acid battery with a safe LiFePO4 battery. This battery can be used for all brands and types of forklifts.

We supply a complete battery module with nominal voltage from 51.2 V, with integrated protection, disconnection and BMS for low-voltage systems. It contains only high-quality grade A ELERIX cells based on LiFePO4 chemistry, which are non-flammable, non-explosive and contain no heavy or toxic metals.

The battery comes with a display that has an interface for both the driver and mechanics (individual cell voltage, temperature, battery power).

LiFePO4 baterie Advantages Lead-acid batterie
Maintenance-free product Maintenance costs Regular filling with water and inspection required
1-2 hours DCharging time >8 hours
Plug and play Replacement The battery takes a long time to replace
They are not needed Storage spaces Special storage space required
10 years Lifetime 2-3 years

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